Vincent Bell Services, Inc. is an information technology services corporation based in Miami, Florida, serving commercial and residential customers. We offer a comprehensive range of services from complex network installation and configuration, to routine PC maintenance at an affordable rate.
In today’s modern computing and networking environment, access to communications, and stored data is vital to nearly every aspect of our lives and business. With just a little guidance and advice, it all could work for you whether you have Windows Domain Network, or just a laptop with and iPod to sync. In a tech-heavy world, the options and combinations seem limitless; as well as confusing and indecipherable.

Even if things work well and go right, there are always security and backup concerns. How do you safe-guard your data and protect your network, children, or investments – not to mention identity theft. If you’ve got a teenager at home or occasionally at your office, then you could well have something to worry about. Viruses, Spyware or just general Malware can slow down and or compromise your network and your security.

Our staff of highly experienced technicians are trained and certified in operating systems from Windows to Macintosh, as well as Mac OS Server, Linux, and Windows Networking platforms. Whether it’s developing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) via DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), or cleaning a virus from your hard drive, We at Vincent Bell Services are always ready to help you solve your technological problems and help you focus on increasing your revenue by maximizing your productivity through information technology – all within your budget. We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to explore our website and to contact us at your earliest convenience.