Windows 10: What to expect

windows-10-logo It’s almost here. Microsoft’s largest gamble to date. Give away a complete Operating System and then push it out to millions – maybe billions – of devices all across the world……and for free to the customer.

What can be better than free? Not much that I know of, especially if it’s from Microsoft; although some free preferred stock would be great too. So everyone wants to know if they should upgrade and will it be better than windows 7 or windows 8/8.1. The answer is yes and yes. You should always upgrade – especially when free. However, an OS Upgrade as big as this is nothing to be casual about. There are some things you will need to know.

  • The Upgrade is a 3 Gig download, so plug in to a really fast connection and don’t let you Ethernet connection hibernate.
  • You can choose to an upgrade that will preserve your files and applications, or one that just preserves your files, but you would need to reinstall all of your applications
  • Once the installation starts, IT CANNOT BE INTERRUPTED. Power Up Please.
  • I would advise you to disable your anti-virus software. I’ve reads that the install will do this anyway, but better safe than sorry. Anti-virus programs are designed to prevent changes, and things are going to change here.
  • Once the install  is finished, you should go through your software programs and check your device drivers. Some programs are not compatible with Windows 10 and will be automatically removed. The same rule seems to apply to devices such as video cards and printers; so be prepared download that software over again.
  • The new interface is clean and sharp with a new hybrid start button that should make life very easy for everyone. Programs all run in their own window just the way we like our desktop computers to work. Mobile devices will look pretty much the way they do now, but with a newer theme.

So now why is Microsoft working so hard to give stuff away for free? Well the world is a different today, and Microsoft had some catching up to do. So they are going to reset and start over – a lot like Sony always rebooting the Spider Man movies, but on much more massive.

Also, by giving away Windows 10 and making Microsoft Banded Software available on Mac OS/IOS, Android, and anything else with an intel processor in it, they are looking to position themselves to be “The King of all Software”. The goal is to have Windows 10 on a billion devices within a year. Once they do that, there isn’t anything they can’t do.